About Me:


My name is Henry. I come from a family of bike fanatics. My parents owned and operated their own bike shop from the mid 1970's through 1994. I spent a lot of time in there as a kid, fixing flats and getting underfoot. In high school I worked in the shop after school and summers. I got to see the bike business grow from the early days of BMX and bmx racing, to the rise of triathalon bikes in the early 80's and the explosive growth of the mountain bike industry in the 80's and 90's.


Though I have owned as many as 10 personal bikes at a time, I am now down to just three. One Specialized Stumpjumper mountain bike, one Schwinn beach cruiser, and one Trek mountain bike (My wife's).


My parents retired and sold the shop long ago, but I still love the smell of the tires and bikes that fills every well stocked shop. Today I work in the health care field, but some of my friends own shops and I like to hang out and help them out once in a while. I created this website to help newcomers get their start or help them get restarted in the bicycle world.


I hope you find the information helpful.


Henry and Sara


Henry L. K.